Friday, March 15, 2013

Blogging Challenge 2

Blogging Challenge 
Freedom Of Choice

 I like to play Xbox, the reason why I like to play Xbox is because my friends play it. I play a lot of video games on it. Microsoft owes Xbox, they have their own website too. A lot of people play ps3 to but I personal like Xbox better. Xbox you have to pay, unlike ps3 it's free. The Microsoft has its


  1. i personal like ps3 because it has free online and because my Xbox has the red ring.

    1. I am sorry to hear that. Everybody has different tastes in Games. So you like Ps3 I like Xbox. It's just who we are I guess.

  2. Hi Eric ,
    My name is Esmeralda ,I am in Mr.Millers 7th grade class.I found your blog on the Edublogs Challenge list ,so i decided to comment on it .I personally like Xbox better than Ps3 .I my self have an Xbox 360 ,but i just got it fixed because it had a red ring .I like how you compared the Ps3 and the Xbox .I also have two questions for you ,"What games do you play on the Xbox ?" ,and "Why do you not like the Ps3 ?" .Well goodbye ,and please visit my blog (:

  3. Hi Eric, my name is Nic. I'm part of the blogging challenge and I'm in Ms.Kriese's class.I have a Xbox too. I also think that it beats ps3 because the servers dont crash as much. You can visit me at my blog

  4. Well Esmeralda, Thank you for coming to my blog. Its really nice talking to someone new. Yes I see you are a Xbox fan as well awesome. Do you have Xbox live? If so please give me your gamer tag and we could play. I will also answer your two questions. The games I mainly play is Battlefiled 3, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, I recently just started playing Resdient Evil 6. That game I think was awesome. The reason why I like Xbox more than Ps3 is because the servers are are just awesome. Also Mircosoft hasn't got hacked. But Everyone has differnet thoughts.

  5. Hey Nic, Thanks for visting my blog. Make sure to follow it. I agree with you about the servers. I also see that you have Xbox give me your gamertag and maybe we could play.