Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 3

Student Blogging Challenge
Challenge 3
Get Creative 

Ten fun creative things to do with a hole in a sock

1. Use it for a puppet.

2. Use it for a bird feeder.

 3. Throw it around and play catch.

4. Use the sock for a little home for a action figure.

5. Throw it at somebody.

6. You can act like a homeless guy.

7. Put some little things in there and put it on a stick and use it like a hitchhiker.

8. Act like a pirate with a telescope.

9. Make it colorful.

 10. Maybe use it for like mix socks.


  1. Hi my name is Kyle. Thank you for commenting my blog. I like when you said that you can throw it at somebody. Nice sense of humor. Visit me back soon.

  2. Ok thank you so much Kyle. I will maker sure I go back to your blog. We should talk more. Thank you for telling me that I have a good sense of humor.Well talk to you soon!