Monday, March 11, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

                                                      Student Blogging Challenge
                                                          Challenge 1  Who am I
                                                   Ten people I would most like to meet

1.Barack Obama. Do you like being President Of "The United States Of America"
2.Slash. How long have you played guitar, and when was your last concert?
3.Adam Sandler.What has been your favorite movie that you were in, and the hardest one that you have done?
4.Will Ferrel. How long have you been a movie actor and what do you like about it?
5.Abram Lincoln. Was it hard freeing the slaves?
6.Steve Jobs. What gave you the idea to name you company apple?
7.Bill Gates. What was Microsoft Hardest project that they done?
8.Toby McGuire. Did you like being a actor and being a stunt man?
9.Robert Downey Jr. Was it fun being "Iron Man",and how did it take to get in the suit?
10.Martin Luther King Jr. How long did it take for the segregation law to break and Black and Whites can be together.


  1. Do you think that all actors have a favorite movie they've made? What is your favorite Adam Sandler movie?

  2. I have a few. I like Big daddy, Eight Crazy Nights, those are my favorite movies from him.