Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7th Grade

What I liked about 7th Grade

           7th Grade. 7th grade was one of my favorite years. I learned a lot new things.  In math we are making these things called Bottle Rockets. This is really fun project. We are also watching this movie called October Sky. Its about this boy that wants to fly rockets but his dad is not letting him. We are still watching it. In English we learned about the blog and learn how to make projects and be creative with them, with the 2.0 tools.  The friends I made this year were Owen, Noah, Brandon Etc. They were all my friends before this year but It was still good talking to them. In science we are learned about earthquakes, rocks, volcanos. I don't really like science. My other favorite class is History. I have always liked history because I like learning about our world. I really like learning about the wars that took place. The one that I liked the most was the Vietnam war. This war was going to stop the spread of Communism. What was your favorite part of 7th grade? did you like it? 

         Here are some other things I like that don't include school. My favorite bands/songs are, Black Veil Brides, In The End. I also like "Five Finger Death Punch",  my favorite songs from them are "BattleFiled", The Breeding. I also like Gun and Roses, Sweet Child O' Mine, Paradise City, Etc. Now these are some of my favorite games I like to play. One of them are "Skyrim". Skyrim is a RPG (Roll Playing Game) and Open world. The other game I like is Battlefield 3, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Buch more. What kind of games do you like? Well that sums up 7th grade and a little about myself. Thanks.

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