Thursday, May 9, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 8

Student Blogging Challenge 8

        Ten things that are my favorite. The first favorite thing I like is playing video games. Its really good to pass time or even if your bored. Which game system you ask? I play Xbox 360. I like to play it with my friends. Which games do I like? I like all shorts of games. I like BattleFiled 3, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Skyrim. I really like those games. I don't only play Xbox. I play Pc also. My favorite games for the pc are Minecraft, Ava and butch others. What are the games? Well BattleFiled 3 is a war game. The maps or huge. There are many different game modes. It is also a first person shooter. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is also a first person shooter. The maps really aren't that big. Last but not least my favorite game of all time is Skyrim. Skyrim is a first and third person. It has a massive world. That is called a open world game or a RPG (Roll Playing Game). 

        The Second thing that is my favorite is designing. I really love designing things. I do really good with computers and want to learn more about them that I haven't know about. The main thing I want to design is video games. The reason why I pick video games is because they take time you need a story you need drawings you need patience. I'm really good at that. I also like really big projects that everyone will see and play. I want to go to this college Its just something I have been looking towards to for awhile now. 

       The third thing that is my favorite is watching Tv. My favorite show is Dr. Who. Dr. Who is a really funny and kind of a sad  show.  Right Now I am watching the 11th doctor. Which is real name is Matt smith. He goes everyone with this girl named Amy and her boyfriend Rory. They travel in this thing called a Tardis. The Tardis is a time travel machine it goes through all dimesons. Tardis stands for Time  And Relative Dimesons In Space. Well Dr. Who is a time lord.

       The fourth thing I like is hanging out with friends. I really like to hang out with friends because it gives you something to do when your bored. I also like hanging out with them because you know that you guys are friends and like to hang out. You can also do anything with them. You can ride bikes walk play video games with them.

      The fifth thing I like is music. Everyone likes music. I really like to listen to it when im playing a game or if Im doing work or even going on a walk. Music entertains you and has meanings. My favorite bands are: Gun and Roses, Black Veil Brides, Disturbed, GreenDay.  I like all their music. I listen to them all the time. Who is your favorite band?

     The sixth thing I like is walking. The reason why I like walking is because its good to get out of the house. The other reason is because if your mad you can go out walking and get anger out. Also you can walk with some friends. You can walk and listen to your favorite music while you walk. Its also good because its good exercise for you. I walk every where. Ya I complain about it but when your bored and mad then go somewhere and let losse.

   The seventh thing I like is dogs. I had one and it was at least 7 years old. I forgot what kind it was because I don't have him no more. He was like my little brother to me and he is a really good dog. He always listens well trained. Sometimes he would do it in the house. Then later we had to move and we had to give him away. We had him ever since I was 9. Of course it was really emotional.

  The eighth thing I like is school. Well kinda. Its somewhere to get out of the house and meet other people and do fun things. My favorite subjects are: Math, and World History. Those are my two favorites. In World History we are learning about the Vietnam War. I think that was crazy what we did. We were only trying to stop the spread of communism. In math we are learning about tessellation and some other cool stuff.

  The ninth thing I like is basketball. Even now I'm not good at it. But I like it because Its fast pace and contains high concretion. I went to my first basketball game when I was 10. It was the Chicago Bulls and New York Nets. I had the time of my life. It was very very fun I think. I would go again anytime I get offered to go. My favorite team is Chicago Bulls. I have always like them.

  Last my not least my Tenth favorite thing I like is putting things together. I really like putting electrons and stuff together  I'm the kinda of guy that wants to work with elertiocs. I helped my brother friend make his own computer. That was awesome I learned so much more. It took him 3 mouths to get everything. When he did get stuff I helped him. It was a little confusing but you got the hang of it. It took us at least 2 or 3 hours to put it together. 

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