What I learned this week

January 16, 2013

        What I learned this week was how to make a blog and a portfolio.I also learned how to use twitter I think it is cool and you learn new stuff about it.Also for my blog I noticed everybody is looking at my blog and I think that's pretty cool.I liked how so many people have a blog and twitter because we can see different people around the world.I also wonder how many people visit my blog and do some stuff on it.If you go on my blog how might I have make it better or if it needs changes.I also learned new stuff about math we are learning about algebra which is kinda hard for me but once you get used to it is easy.How many people have a blog or a twitter? let me know.I wonder if I change my blog to something else would you still like it.I also learned new things about history like wars in Iraq and O.P.E.C with oil and how they work together with the middle east countries.

January 25, 2013
        What I learned this week was new things in English like new words that I haven't herd before.This is a word that I didn't understand like  Epiphany that means like a light bulb clicked on your head and  know what it is.I also learned new things in History, like women in Iran have laws or rights that they have to follow, some of them are they have to wear special clothing, They have a special marriage law where the guy has to get permission from the girls father.In math I learned new things about algarba which I didn't get at first then I got more comfortable with them, now I am good at going it.

May 21, 2013

     This is what I learned this all year. Oh my I don't know where to begin. Ok well in the begging of the year we weren't doing nothing to major. Like in science we were learning about all kinds of things. In English we got twitter and a lot of other things. We learned how to make a blog, how to talk to other people to visit your blog. In math I learned a lot. Right now we are doing this thing with bottles. What we would do is make a creative bottle who ever you would like. Then once we were finished with the making we would go shoot off the rockets. They go really high. In History we learned about famous people like Martian Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi etc. Right now we are learning about all the wars. I like learning about the wars I find it most interesting to me. I would say this has been one of my most favorite school years that I have ever had. Im gonna miss a lot of my teachers.

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